FETCH a Cure Donations

FETCH a Cure is grateful to you, our valued supporters, for your generous support of our organization. Pet owners are thankful for the priceless gift of more time together with their beloved pets. To the individuals, families, businesses, foundations and organizations who support FETCH a Cure, we offer our deep appreciation for joining us in making a difference in the lives of the pets and families in our community. We look forward to continuing our work together.

Donate now and help save a best friend’s life.

-Ongoing awareness and educational programs for early detection of pet cancer and senior care
-Our Companions in Crisis program that assists in funding treatment costs and care of pets who have been diagnosed with cancer
-Development of more accessible treatment options within our community
-Training costs, supplies, and educational materials for the Pen Pals program

You can also set up automatic recurring donations, weekly, monthly or annually!

FETCH a Cure Memorial Fund

The FETCH a Cure Memorial Fund was created to enable pet owners to more easily bear the bereavement of their most beloved companions. The fund will aid in the continued development and support of FETCH’s mission and programs. The FETCH Memorial Fund receives gifts from owners, family, friends, and veterinarians in memory of a pet.

For donations of $50 and under, a FETCH memorial card will be sent to pet owner.

For donations of $50 and more, pet owners will receive ‘A Tribute to the Best Friend of Man, Eulogy on the Dog’, by George Graham Vest, Illustrated by Jackie Ehle or ‘Weep Not For Me: In Memory of a Beloved Cat’ by Constance Jenkins.

For Memorial Donations: please make sure to include the pet’s name, the pet owner’s name and address in the memo section, along with any message you’d like included.


FETCH a Cure Capital Campaign

Fetch Pocket Folder.indd

Picture a community where all the medical services, from acupuncture to CT scans to radiation, are minutes, not hours away. Where skilled veterinarians and holistic practitioners offer treatments to improve a pet’s quality of life, extending it beyond a frightening diagnosis, or maintaining it through the senior years.

Radiating Hope: The Campaign for FETCH a Cure that will transform Richmond into just such a place, bringing state-of-the-art medical equipment and the offices of this growing community organization together in a new facility. Central Virginians will have access to radiation therapy for their pets without having to drive more than 100 miles. The facility will also offer wellness services for pets untouched by cancer. And continuing education courses for hundreds of veterinary professionals. All in one location.

Help make this a reality and donate today.