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  1. Chloe’s Story

    Here at FETCH, we love hearing about the lives and the stories of families we are fortunate enough to help through hard times. Chloe and her mom Colleen told us about their lives and their journey through cancer:   Chloe and her litter sister Maggie were spotted at Chesterfield Animal Shelter on June 2, 2001, […]

  2. Pen Pals: Handlers and Their Dogs Transform Each Other

    Courtesy of Virginia Department of Corrections Newsletter Any normal dog handler might have been intimidated by Happy, an excitable, obnoxious and sometimes rude mix of part Pit Bull and part bad attitude. But dog handler Donna Blanton greeted her new assignment with enthusiasm. “I love the difficult dogs, the dogs with attitude because I think […]

  3. Pen Pals Program – The Road from Handler to Owner

    The Pixie’s Pen Pals Program depends on a lot of people to be successful.  We have the FETCH staff that administrate the program and do boring things like food orders and fielding inquiries about our dogs, the skilled and experienced trainers that give our program the training knowledge it needs, the volunteers who taxi our […]

  4. A Heartwarming “tail” of a Pen Pals Dynamic Duo

    Rob endured a spinal cord injury in 2009 and during our 4 month hospital stay he would be visited by volunteer therapy dogs and their owners. It was always the highlight of his day. Just before Rob was about to be discharged from the hospital he asked if we could adopt a dog and he […]

  5. KEEPING BELOVED FURRY FRIENDS CLOSER LONGER: Richmond’s new veterinary radiation center

    BOOMERHealth KEEPING BELOVED FURRY FRIENDS CLOSER LONGER Richmond’s new veterinary radiation center BY TERRI L. JONES In 2010, Colleen Greene’s Australian shepherd, Kasey, was diagnosed with a  brain  tumor. The doctors said the dog had only two months to live without radiation, but the closest radiation centers were in Northern Virginia and Raleigh. Five Sundays in […]