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  1. Give Love; Get Love

    The following story is courtesy of Jonathan K., a former Pen Pals handler: Jonathan entered into the prison system at 18 years old. He came from a broken, drug-infested and criminal home life early on. Jonathan never knew who his father was, and his mother was a heroin addict, prostitute and criminal for years before […]

  2. Home Sweet Home for Silverbelle

    Recent Pen Pals graduate, Silverbelle, is loving her new forever home and her mom, Daici, couldn’t be happier with her new four-legged bestie! Check out this sweet update from Daici below: I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me to find Silverbelle. She is absolutely the perfect fit for me and  I couldn’t be […]

  3. Achilles: A Companion Through the Darkness

    Our animal companions impact us in profound ways. Whether it’s because of the company they provide, their endearing personalities, their unconditional love or all of the above, our pets mean the world to us, just as we mean the world to them. Companions in Crisis For Ashley Shoemaker, her animal companion came into her life […]

  4. Getting​ ​in​ ​Front​ ​of​ ​It​ ​with​ ​Quen:​ ​How​ ​One​ ​Dog​ ​Changed​ ​Me​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Best

    Excerpts from an essay by former Pen Pals coordinator, Sarah Hornberger:   After 10 years of working and volunteering with shelter pets, many cats, dogs, and even snakes have significantly affected my life and contributed to who I have become as an animal advocate. I have worked to bottle-feed orphaned kittens, socialize hoarded dogs, and ensure […]

  5. Pudgie the Pug

    It’s love at first site when it comes to Pudgie, the 12-year-old male pug. Everyone who meets him can agree that his sweet face will make any day seem a little brighter. His parents, Erin and Daniel Mackay, dote on him like all pet parents should, and lovingly refer to him as Pudgie the Pugtato, […]