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  1. Getting​ ​in​ ​Front​ ​of​ ​It​ ​with​ ​Quen:​ ​How​ ​One​ ​Dog​ ​Changed​ ​Me​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Best

    Excerpts from an essay by former Pen Pals coordinator, Sarah Hornberger:   After 10 years of working and volunteering with shelter pets, many cats, dogs, and even snakes have significantly affected my life and contributed to who I have become as an animal advocate. I have worked to bottle-feed orphaned kittens, socialize hoarded dogs, and ensure […]

  2. Pudgie the Pug

    It’s love at first site when it comes to Pudgie, the 12-year-old male pug. Everyone who meets him can agree that his sweet face will make any day seem a little brighter. His parents, Erin and Daniel Mackay, dote on him like all pet parents should, and lovingly refer to him as Pudgie the Pugtato, […]

  3. Timmy the Cat’s Story of Survival

    Michelle Raiszadeh has been involved in animal rescue since 2004, focusing on trap-neuter-return, rehab and fostering of homeless cats and kittens. She also is heavily involved in wildlife rescue and rehab. But Michelle’s involvement in animal care doesn’t stop there. She was recently accepted into an accelerated veterinary program at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) […]

  4. Answer to Cancer May Be the Family Dog

    Researchers hope studying dogs with cancer may help in the treatment of children with similar cancers. Veterinary oncologist Dr. Chand Kanna treats pets who have cancer at Oncology Services in Springfield, Virginia. He also spent years at the National Cancer Institute researching the potential links between some cancers which afflict both dogs and children. “So […]

  5. Meet Ranger

    Meet Ranger, a 10 year old Beagle mix from Richmond. Ranger is one of our Companions in Crisis program recipients. Our Companions in Crisis fund helps families pay for lifesaving treatments for pets who have been diagnosed with cancer. Ranger’s story is the reason we do this work. Katie adopted Ranger at the Richmond SPCA her first […]